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8 Hour Drug/Alcohol Safe Driving Program

Please call Rae's Driving School for upcoming dates and times!

East Haven Classroom The goals of the Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program offered at Rae's Driving School include:

  • To educate drivers about the physiological and psychological effects that alcohol have on drivers, by defining imperative words like BAC, demonstrating how alcohol travels through the body and how to determine if someone is impaired.

  • To provide documentaries and films that give the students a perspective on the negative consequences that not only victims, but also drunk drivers have to live with for the rest of their lives.

  • To equip each student with a personal plan for safe driving and promote
    the many methods for prevention.

  • To provide an environment conducive to driving instruction in which each person feels comfortable and respected.

  • To provide parents of teens education on the new graduated license laws and the danger of teen driving and assist parents/gaurdians to coach and mentor their teens into safe driving.

This program is included in the Full Course Package and is also available as an individual program.

The Enrollment Fee is $125 (cash only) and is offered at the East Haven, North Haven, and New london locations. Pre-registration is required. Call or email us for the next available times and dates.

Parents will be required to attend 2 hours of this course if their son or daughter obtained their permit on or after 8/1/2008.

New Mandatory 18 & Over Classes

First-Time Drivers Seeking License
Have New Requirement

People over 18 years-old seeking, for the first time, a driver’s license in Connecticut will be required October 1, 2008 to take an eight-hour safe driving practices course at a driving school.

At present those first-time drivers need only to pass a 25-question written test and a road skills test to qualify for a license. The new requirement, approved by the state legislature this year, aims to ensure that all drivers have a minimum amount of training in safe practices on the road.

Drivers under 18-years-old have been required to take this course for the past 20 years. It covers a number of issues including the operation of the motor vehicle as well as the effects of driving while using drugs or alcohol.

The fee for the course is set at $125* by state law and the course is offered at driving schools throughout the state. Those over 18 years-old with an out-of-state license are exempt from this requirement.

See the official news release at the Connecticut DMV website.

*The $125 fee is cash only.

8 Hour Drug/Alcohol Safe Driving Program class dates:


Please call Rae's Driving School for upcoming dates and times!


71 West Main Street
(Route 1)
Branford, CT 06405
Contact: TBD
Phone: 203-469-5859

200 Boston Post Road
Madison, CT 06443
Contact: Mark Maturo
Phone: 203-245-8677

North Haven
55 State Street
North Haven, CT 06473
Contact: TBD
Phone: 203-469-5859

FAX: 203-467-8737